Take an Energy Excursion​

Energy Excursions courses focus on engineering/earth sciences related to the energy industry, but integrate other STEM areas such as chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Each course contains a number of focused lessons with clearly presented summary, motivation, and learning outcomes at the beginning of each lesson.

Early lessons in each course guide the student on a journey to understand facts, basic concepts, and ideas related to the course theme; formative assessments are included along the way to cement fundamentals. Later lessons challenge the student to apply higher levels of critical thinking toward the end of the course when case studies and a summative design challenge are presented.

All of our courses are free for students and teachers. No registration is required.

An excursion in pursuit of the safe well, assessing various drilling considerations and best practices for oil and gas exploration and production.

An excursion through carbon storage technology, one of the Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st century set out by the National Academy of Engineering.

An excursion through the Texas water-energy nexus, examining supply and demand of water resources, highlighting the critical question, do we have enough?

An excursion through the various energy sources used to power us through our daily life, with a look at how we might energize our future.

An excursion into Earth’s natural heat source and the geothermal industry, with a look at how oil & gas technology can be applied to develop this renewable energy source.