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Energy is a Hot Topic

The Energy is a Hot Topic Course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of geothermal energy. Students learn about how and where earth’s heat is formed, specifically radioactive heat sources. The curriculum provides insight into how humans can harvest Earth’s natural, subsurface heat in the form of geothermal energy. Students explore how heat travels to the …

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In Pursuit of the Safe Well

This course pursues content in regard to the basics of a well, various considerations for drilling a well, specifically for oil and gas production, how to mitigate risks associated with drilling a well and resource extraction, as well as different well control procedures. This course also entails a design challenge to familiarize students with different …

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Energize the Future

The Energize the Future course provides a broad understanding of the energy we produce and consume today. Students that take this course will learn how we define and measure energy, primary versus secondary energy, what power is, and how energy impacts our everyday lives and the world around us. Students will also gain a thorough …

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Put it Back

The Put it Back Course consists of several lessons to help you explore carbon capture, utilization, and storage technology. The National Academy of Engineering recruited an international group of leading technological thinkers and asked them to identify the Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st century. One of their 14 game-changing goals for improving life …

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How Much Water Does it Take?

This course focuses on water resources and the water-energy nexus specific to Texas. Students will become familiar with the necessity of water resources for energy production and electricity generation, as well as the energy required for water collection, treatment, etc. This course also examines  considerations and trajectories of Texas water resource supply and demand going …

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